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:: Fagor Electrical Appliances ::


Over 50 years have gone by since Fagor took its first steps thanks to five student entrepreneurs. Today it is Europe’s fifth largest manufacturer, with a presence in millions of homes all around the world, and a leader in the Spanish and French markets.

Following its purchase of the Brandt Group, Fagor Electrical Appliances is Europe’s fifth largest manufacturer of electrical appliances, with a market share in Europe close to 6% and a turnover of more than 1,498 million euros.

The Fagor industrial group invoices over 1,700 million euros a year and has 11,000 employees.

It has 16 production plants in Spain, France, Italy, Poland, Morocco and China and 17 subsidiaries around the world, and its products are marketed in over 100 countries.

The group’s overall production exceeds 7 million electrical appliances.


Download Fagor product catalogues.

New Catalogue 2010 (28.3 MB)

Fagor Green : The TRUE Eco-friendly Alternative (1 MB)