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Duck fillet




* Duck fillets
* 200 g mushrooms
* 200 ml cream
* Salt
* Parsley
* Subject




To preheat the oven at 225 º C. Cut the duck meat into thin slices 25 mm so that the slices of skin and lean meat are not separated. Marinate meat with salt and pepper, then put in the tray, to the skin upward. Place the tray in the oven, choose the "High Power Grill with Fan", at 225 º C, for 5 minutes. Then put the slices of meat on disc. Mushrooms fried up by the fat from the baking sheet, then use the mushrooms to garnish meat discs. From cream to fat remaining in pan, heat up until mixture re-match. Then the mixture onto the slices of meat and sprinkle parsley on top.